About us

About Us

Marcoline At A Glance

Marcoline & Associates is a California based company with sales associates in Atlanta, Chicago, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Marcoline & Associates was founded by Terry Marcoline, a Purdue University graduate with hands on experience initially with industrial spray finishing; and for the past 25 years as a recognized expert providing solutions to large industrial organizations requiring modular offices and/or mezzanines.

As a a registered general contractor, Marcoline & Associates offers full design and installation packages to meet your project requirements. Single source responsibility means improved coordination and economy, speeding your modular office or mezzanine project from concept to completion.

Marcoline & Associates is a small, family owned business that represents only the best of industry leading manufacturers and only chooses the right product for the right need. You will find no force fitting of an inferior, single source catalog or internet item and then crossing fingers hoping that it works. Picking and choosing on the internet with neophyte help, will only lead to multiple problems and prolonged projects. Mezzanines and modular offices can be very technical additions to your facility; that require the best help available. Allow Marcoline & Associates to guide you through your project from beginning to end. We will ask the right questions to keep your project on track and trouble free.

Based on technical experience and personal integrity each project is addressed on an individual basis, and you will find our confident, assertive approach, both comforting and rewarding. Over 50% of our business is generated from repeat customers located across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and Africa. A few of our more prominent customers are: Boeing, General Motors, Ford, Northrop, Hyundai, Raytheon, United Airlines, Heinz Foods, Sony Pictures, Cal Tech, Livermore National Laboratory, The U.S. Military and various federal agencies and municipalities.


  • Versatility

    Modular components can be easily expanded, relocated or reused.

  • Quick Installation

    Modular components are pre-engineered so that they can be assembled quickly during installation.

  • Clean Installation

    Prefabricated components require minimal on-site construction and fabrication, which reduces dust and other contaminants during installation.

  • Reduced Construction Labor Costs

    Prefabricated components install quickly and easily.

  • Reduced Design Time

    Modular components are pre-engineered.

  • Consistent Quality & Appearance

    Our attractive, integrated systems are manufactured to exact specifications.

  • Low Maintenance

    Our durable, prefabricated wall panels require little maintenance beyond occasional surface cleaning.

  • Tax Advantages

    Depreciation for conventional construction is 39 years, while depreciation for modular construction is only 7 years.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Less construction material is wasted when building with modular components.